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    Reference - Entry Clearance and appeals for Leave to Remain (April 2017)
    My immigration case with IVS started all way back in 2008 when The Immigration Visa Services Representatives Stephan Holloway and David Main assisted me to join my wife in the United Kingdom from my home country of Tanzania.
    After the two years of marriage in 2010, I encountered marriage problems and faced deportation.
    The Immigration Visa Services have fought my case through the Asylum & Immigration Tribunal and my Appeal was successful.
    I personally testify that if it was not for The Immigration Visa Services Representatives, I would have been deported.
    Anthony and Gladys

    Reference - Spouse Uzbekistan (August 2015)
    Dear Mr. Holloway,
    We are very pleased with the immigration service we received from IVS Immigration Visa Services UK and would recommend the same to anyone else.
    In applying for my Spouse visa, we had asked several questions to Stephen Holloway. He has helped us with all the queries and we were able to better understand the immigration policies. Mr. Holloway's' sound knowledge of immigration law was very useful for us in order to proceed with the spouse visa.
    The Services provided by Mr. Holloway was very reliable and of a high standard. IVS Immigration Visa Services UK is professional in its approach, very efficient, honest, of the positive attitude and customer focused.
    We will not hesitate to recommend his service to our friends.
    Kind Regards, Marina and Andrew Millington

    Reference - Spouse Entry Clearance from Philippines (April 2015)
    Dear Stephan,
    Thank you so much for the help and advice that got my Filipino wife and baby their UK entry clearance visas. After trying twice on my own and being refused, I am delighted with my decision to contact you and get your help. The professional manner of your approach to such a delicate matter is for me the key to the success of their attaining visas.
    My wife Jessel, and baby Casmera, are now settling in nicely to life in Scotland and we can now live as a family and be happy thanks to your help.
    Thank you so much Stephan,
    from Richard, Jessel, and baby Casmera.

    Reference - Spouse Entry Clearance from Cambodia (April 2013)
    Dear Stephan and David
    Srey Poev and I would like to say a massive thank you for all the help and advice. We couldn't have done it without you. It was worth every penny. We found out today which is also our 1st wedding anniversary. We are both ecstatic.
    Yours gratefully
    Jeremy Pugh and Srey Poev Sak

    Reference - Spouse Entry Clearance from USA (Nov 2012)
    Dear Stephen,
    Rod and I would like to thank you for the invaluable guidance and advice that we received when applying for my settlement visa to the UK from the USA. IVS guided us through a dauntingly confusing process and made it manageable. You guys were on top of all the recent regulation changes and made sure that everything went smoothly. The peace of mind from having your guidance really helped alleviate a great deal of the stress of the situation, and it undoubtedly helped with approval of the application. We will certainly be using IVS again in two years' time for indefinite leave to remain.
    We will definitely be recommending IVS to friends and family.
    Rod Hogg and Brett Best

    Reference - Spouse Entry Clearance from Pakistan (Jan 2011)
    Dear Stephen
    I’m happy to inform you that Uzma has been issued visa for entry into UK. She received her stamped passport on Friday. The visa is for a period of 27 months, effective 10-1-2011, along with all the usual terms and conditions. She has booked a plane ticket for 1-2-2011.
    It would be no overstatement to say that your advice and support was the most crucial human factor in this whole process. Thank you very much for your help. I would keep in touch and would need your professional services when she make her application for ILR after 2 years. I would also need your advice about the immigration (visit or otherwise) of her daughter, which I’ll discuss some other time.
    I would love, with your permission, to contribute on the customer testimonials section of your website.
    Thank you once again,
    Raza ul H

    Reference - Fiancee Entry Clearance from Ukraine (June 09 2011)
    Dear Stephan,
    I am writing to inform you that my Fiancée received her visa for the UK from the embassy in Kiev, 3 weeks after the application went in and without so much as a phone call!! After our previous refusal for a tourist visa i was expecting an interview at the very least but with your help and advice the whole process went very smoothly. You showed me that by taking our time and making sure the application was water-tight the application went through without a hitch. The only regret i have is that i did not use your services in the first place as i would have saved myself a lot of time and money!!!

    Many thanks again for your help
    Kind regards
    Chris Dickinson

    Reference - Fiancée Entry Clearance from Philippines
    Dear Stephan and David
    I would like to thank you personally for the great service and professional service you have given me, when I contacted you I was rather stressed out as I had utilised another company who were not carrying out my requirements adequately, your company guided me through all the things I needed to do and also assisted me when I was in China prior to submitting the required documentation. Without hesitation I highly recommend your company for any one who is trying to secure their spouses visa in a foreign Country, your professionalism is second to none, IVS managed to help me secure my wife’s UK visa in China in under 3 weeks IVS are never to busy to speak to you and they will always ease your anxiety in a stressful time.
    Great job by a great company
    Nick Wilson
    Stanford Le Hope

    Reference - Fiancée Entry Clearance from Philippines
    IVS provided us with an excellent service, helping us at every stage of the visa process for my fiancé from the Philippines. I would recommend them to anyone looking for guidance, help and advice through the very difficult and stressful process of applying for a UK visa".
    Bryn & Merilyn Edwards
    West Midlands

    Reference - Spouse Entry Clearance from Philippines (Jan 2011)
    Dear Stephan
    I'm delighted to tell you that Esme has now received her visa and can return to the UK. The decision took just 6 days and she received her passport back 3 days later; we very much value your advice and guidance along the way and will obviously be pleased to recommend your services in the future. Interestingly when Esme presented her application they accepted all the paperwork except my photograph; odd given the folder was a very full lever arch file!

    Many thanks

    Tony and Esme
    Bath, Somerset

    Reference - Spouse Entry Clearance from Egypt (Jan 2011)
    'My Egyptian husband and I used IVS to assist us with his settlement visa to come to the UK. Having previously had a visitors visa refused on the grounds of insufficient evidence we wanted to make sure that this time we left nothing to chance. We closely followed the advice given to us by IVS and the application was accepted. I would definitely recommend IVS, they are knowledgeable, efficient and most importantly successful!
    Once again we thank you for your help!'
    Mr. and Mrs. Kasem.
    Reading, Berkshire

    Reference - Fiancée Entry Clearance from Russia (Aug 2010)
    It gives me great pleasure to tell you that Yulia received an email today telling her that she has been granted her visa. It is remarkable that it took the visa application centre two weeks (on both occasions) to refuse a visitors visa for Yulia, but now only five days to issue a spouses visa, and without interview?? It is without doubt that from your expert help and advice, and for all the documentation that was so necessary, that enabled this to happen for us. Anyway we are absolutely delighted with this, and now can look foreword to a future together, so it leaves me to say a big thank you from both Yulia and myself, for all your hard work, help and advice.
    Yulia will be joining me here in the UK in early October because of tying up all the loose ends with her job etc.
    Thank you from both of us.
    Roger and Yulia.

    Reference - Spouse Entry Clearance from India
    Having had a visitors visa refused we were very happy with the service from IVS and the result of obtaining a spouse visa without problem. We intend to use them again for the unlimited leave to remain application.
    Kind regards

    Reference - Entry Clearance Visa Fiancée Canada
    I moved from Canada to England on a fiancées visa. We decided it best to hire IVS to help us with the process. They helped us to fill out all paperwork and to make sure that we were completely ready to apply for the visa. Whenever I called with a question they were always available to help and make sure that everything was properly completed. The visa process would have been much more difficult if I had not hired IVS, they were a huge help.
    L. Becker

    Reference - Spouse Application United States
    Mr. Holloway and IVS helped my fiancé and I tremendously. He and his agency provided us with guidance and help through every step of the visa process, and made the process far less daunting, and we would recommend IVS without any hesitation.
    Sharmila and Trevor Wakefield
    Horsham West Sussex

    Reference - Fiancée visa application Philippines
    Having met my partner in the Philippines I had been told by many parties that gaining entry clearance for her into the UK would be extremely difficult edging on almost impossible. I however spoke to IVS very early days and they advised me that if I followed their simple advice they would make the process seem almost painless. I am proud to say despite my scepticism, I did just that and 3 months after I actually made an official application through them to get her into the UK, and her application breezed through the British Embassy without even the need for the dreaded interview process taking place. We are now living together happily married and this took place only 16 months after meeting.
    Thank you IVS Yours Eternally Grateful,
    Paul & Jackie Simpson

    Reference - Spouse and Child Entry Clearance from China
    The service we received from IVS UK can only be described as perfect in every way. A truly personal service tailored to our individual requirements. Friendly, professional, honest, sincere and reliable are the characteristics we associate with IVS UK.
    Kindest Regards

    Reference - Spouse application after refusal Philippines
    I would thoroughly recommend IVS to anybody seeking help with any immigration related problems or to anybody who wishes to ensure that their visa application is fully compliant with the myriad of necessary requirements. They offer a service which is comprehensive and affordable, together with an exceptional level of expertise and care. Their speed of response and level of personal communication have been especially impressive.
    Richard Newman
    Horley, Surrey.

    Reference - Home Office Application outside of rules for Venezuelan national

    I am delighted with the service we have received from IVS. It has at all times been prompt, competent and courteous. All our queries have been dealt with to our complete satisfaction and the representations they made on our behalf were carefully researched and considered. The end result was a triumph in the appeal court! I cannot recommend this service highly enough and wish them well for their future activities.

    Rosemary Arber

    Reference - Application for child Swaziland
    I unreservedly recommend Immigration Visa Services for anyone needing professional assistance to obtain UK entry visas Having been appointed by the High Court as guardians for our niece (a foreign citizen) my wife and I wished to obtain a visa for her to live with us in UK. However to our great disappointment the visa application we submitted was rejected. At this point I contacted IVS. Three months later our niece arrived in UK, with a visa for indefinite residence, issued by the same immigration officer who rejected our application the first time. All achieved for a fee many times less than those charged by solicitors. The successful visa issue was without doubt due to the thoroughness, legal & procedural knowledge and professionalism of Stephan Holloway, the IVS partner who progressed our case. I am equally sure that without IVS help; our application would have failed again. IVS provide very professional services at very good value.
    Mark Livermore

    Reference - Application following refusal for Fiancée and child Indonesia
    If it wasn't for IVS, i am sure my then fiancée (now wife) and daughter would have been thousands of miles apart from me for yet even more time and needless to say it would have cost me thousands more pounds... The service i received from IVS could not be faulted in any way, they have many years experience and knew exactly what to do... Before choosing IVS to assist in my 2nd visa application for my daughter and her mother (my 1st one was refused), i rang and met a few other visa specialists, some were young individuals who i feel did not have the experience and some were specialists covering a wide range of visas, so therefore i felt they did not have the expertise in the area i was looking for... IVS were very friendly, professional and covered every possibility and outcome that could have arisen in the submission of my 2nd application, advising me what documents to obtain, the offices to obtain them from, how to present them and even prepared my Indonesian wife and daughter for their interview... The whole application was so well prepared my fiancée and daughter were granted a fiancée visa and dependant of fiancée visa the same day they submitted it... Overall a top service... We are all extremely pleased!..
    Pete Wright

    Reference - Fiancée Entry Clearance from China
    Due to a previous poor experience with an overseas British Embassy, I wanted to use a professional service for the processing of my then-fiancée’s 'marriage visa', in order to ensure that all the submitted paperwork was complete and in a form that was expected by the authorities. We chose IVS and were very pleased with the efficient and clear service that they provided. I am sure that their input ensured that our application went without any problems. Since then, we have used them again for my wife's Indefinite Leave to Remain and for her Naturalisation applications. Again, their service and knowledge helped to ensure the successful processing of our applications with the minimum of time and stress to ourselves. They have also been available for general questions that have arisen from time to time. Consequently, I would not hesitate to recommend them to people.
    Stourbridge West Midlands

    Reference - Fiancée visa application, Indefinite Leave, Naturalisation as British Citizen
    After I had a UK work visa application denied and was told by UK Home Office that I had to leave the UK, I was in a state of panic. At that point I had been living in London for some time as a student and had built my life there. Leaving would also have meant that I would have had to leave my partner of several years behind. I contacted IVS services for help and they were brilliant. I originally sent a message through their website on a Sunday evening and within two hours I had a response!
    IVS gave me all the support and information I needed to lodge a subsequent application successfully, allowing me to return to the UK and marry my partner. Since then, my husband and I have relied on their expertise on many occasions - from renewing my indefinite leave to remain, to obtaining permanent residency and, finally, for my application for Naturalization, which I was granted last year.
    I have strongly recommended IVS friends who have found themselves in similar situations. Over the years IVS have consistently been reliable, efficient and trustworthy; always going beyond the call of duty to make sure that all the red tape is dealt with correctly the first time. And if we ever need to return to the United States, I will certainly be contacting them to assist with my husband's immigration requirements.
    Ealing London

    Reference - Nigeria. Spouse application following a refusal, indefinite leave to remain and visit for mother
    I came across your website through a web search engine back in 2003 while i was still back in Nigeria awaiting my visa to join my husband in the UK and sent your details to my husband via email. If i am not mistaken, he called you the same day and you guys have done excellently for us. My visa application after your gave us a letter was successful and also did my application for indefinite leave to remain in the UK in 2006. We are very impressed with the efficiency and professionalism we encounter every time we use your service. I have also been meaning to call and inform you that my mum's visa application was successful and she has been with us since May, in fact she will be going back home soon. I have been recommending your service and i will continue to do so because you have been wonderful to us.
    Thank you IVS.
    Langley - Berkshire

    Reference - Fiancée application from Turkey following previous refusal.
    Hello Stephan Just a line to thank you properly for all your help in the application for Settlement Visa for Mehmet. Sorry I rang you so early this morning, but was just so excited I had to ring you to say thank you. I just wish we had used your services long before now and we could have avoided all the hassle and disappointment in past applications being refused. Hindsight is a great thing........You have been a great help and support through all my ramblings and phone calls at I am sure what must have been occasionally inconvenient times, but your patience and understanding was much appreciated.
    Once again thank you so much.
    Kind Regards
    Liz Whinham
    Newcastle upon Tyne

    Reference - Advice on marriage in USA and application as a spouse.
    Thank you so much Stephan for your help and advice with regard to making my husbands application to the UK a successful one! I would advise anybody looking to apply for a visa to the UK to contact IVS. I firmly believe that without IVS's advice and support my husbands application would have been turned down.
    We found IVS to be very knowledgeable about the whole immigration process, and basically lead us by the hand through the application process. We shall most definitely be using the services of IVS in two years when my husband applies for indefinite leave to remain, and have already put a family friend in touch with Stephan.
    In my opinion IVS's fees are modest - and worth every penny.
    Thank you so much!
    David and Anne Brennan, Kent.