About us


Immigration Visa Services-UK is a partnership of David Main and Stephan Holloway. The Company was formed in 1999 and combines their individual training, knowledge and experience in the immigration field. Both have many years experience in dealing with UK immigration requirements.


We are aware of the difficulties people have with British immigration bureaucracy. We are also conscious of the upsets, disappointments and heartaches suffered by applicants and sponsors which can be the result of non-compliance with the requirements needed to satisfy government immigration officials, particularly at the decision making offices in the UK.


We deal with most aspects of UK immigration and are registered with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner as Specialist Immigration Advisers at Level 2 and 3. We can therfore instruct Counsel and represent in the appeal court/immigration tribunal.

It is our aim to provide clients with a comprehensive immigration service in regard to their application and in dealing with their immigration case. We provide a confidential, efficient and professional service. This service is invaluable particularly if we are able to deal with a case from the very outset of an application, as it will provide the best possible chance of success for a Client.


Any refusal will result in considerable delays and loss of application fees.


Many immigration organisations give limited and only basic advice free of charge, and you may not get all of the information you really need in order to make an application confidently. We provide a comprehensive service relevant to each specific client case.


The fees for our services are reasonable and our many previous clients have expressed their appreciation for the detailed information and services we have provided to them as can be seen from our testimonials page.


We have first hand personal knowledge of how the process of UK immigration operates, both within the UK and overseas at British application centres.


The services we provide are specific to our clients’ individual immigration case, situation, circumstances and immigration history and we work to high standards to ensure Client’s requirements are achieved.


It is preferable clients enlist our services in the first instance to avert problems arising as it is always to the applicants’ advantage to ‘get it right’ first time as previous applications that have been refused can impact on a later application.


If an enquiry is made to us, we will initially analyse the situation free of charge and advise what the next step should be.


We provide information on the full documentary requirements for children and other dependants if there are any involved with the main application. We also draft the specific letters that are likely to be needed to go with the application and assist with completing application form/s.


We will advise sponsors and applicants on current circumstances in regard to what is needed in the way of documents to be provided for a compliant application, including any third party support if applicable. We can cover everything that is necessary for an application to be compliant, and in order a confident application can be made.


We are a company that also provides ongoing support by whatever means appropriate, up to the point of a decision by an Entry Clearance Officer or Case worker in the UK.