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We deal with Visa Applications from within the UK and from Overseas.

Over recent years Visa applications to the UK have become more difficult to make. Application forms are more detailed and documentary requirements more defined. Whilst there are websites that give information, the information provided may not be exactly what is required for your application which could result in a refusal. Contact us before applying.

We are aware when people look for information about visas, they are often put off by requirements in regard to the finacial income and support in that the British Sponsor is earning sufficient income in the UK. It is important to understand that information provided on some web sites is not always all of the information needed for your specific application, though it may appear you or the sponsor do comply with the finacial and other requirements. Contact us in order we can help and give advice to ensure your application is compliant.

The Entry Clearance Officers who deal with Visa applications at British Embassies and High Commissions are always suspicious of applicants and their motives. They are rarely interested in an application being successful and most have no compassion. They will refuse an application irrespective of the emotions of the applicant. For this reason we have for a long time believed that anyone who is making a genuine application should seek professional help with their application prior to contacting the British Embassy, British High Commission or a Visa Application Centre, even if they feel they have an understanding of the requirements.

As Specialist Immigration Consultants we have the experience to view the application from an Entry Clearance Officer's perspective. This enables us to see and pre-empt any areas of concern and overcome any problems that may ensue and put them right before an application is submitted.

If an application is not right first time, it is likely to be refused.

Don't have your UK Visa refused. Contact us before applying. Read more pages of our Website and Contact us before you apply.

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