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As a specialist UK Immigration organisation we can advise on areas of concern we may have with the content of an application. We can prevent a refusal with a visa application that we have prepared with you.

If there is a problem during the processing of the Visa Application, there is a possibility the Applicant may be interviewed. We can advise on the way Interviews are conducted. If the Applicant is not Interviewed there is no opportunity for any problems within the application to be addressed.

It is very important to get your application 'right first time'. If you need to make an application and want to be sure it will be 'right first time': Contact us before applying.

Unless asked (on the rare occasion), once the Application is lodged there is no opportunity to provide further evidence or change aspects of the Application. A non compliant application will be refused.

Some applications can be Appealed. An Application lodged without professional help that is Refused can be difficult to Appeal as the application may not in itself contain the evidence needed to ensure a successful Appeal, the evidence may not be available or even at Appeal the required evidence provided. Usually a Refusal will incur a very lengthy appeal process which takes place in the UK and will take many months or sometimes more than a year.

Prevent the problem of a Refusal: Contact us before applying

If your application has been Refused and want to Appeal the Refusal we are experienced in dealing with Appeals.

Don't have your UK Visa refused. Contact us before applying. Read more pages of our Website and Contact us before you apply.

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